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    Employee Service Desk within MS Teams
    Today, it is essential for employees to get their questions answered rapidly without causing any delay in their work. Switch the traditional service desks with the modern AI help desks that entirely automate offering employee support. These platforms leverage AI-powered chatbots that communicate with employees and deliver them with a customized solution in seconds. Also, these virtual assistants create the ticketing system invisible, allowing ease of operation for your employees. Along with generating support tickets, employees can also track the status of the individual tickets.

    It is hard for employees to work with a team that is constantly looking for methods to light fires every day, diminish drive-bys, and discover ways to reduce the support ticket queue of your employee.

    Let’s discuss how Rezolve.ai supercharges the employee support within MS Teams. Rezolve.ai is a modern employee service desk that is built specifically for MS Teams. Rezolve.ai integrated with Microsoft Teams benefit from cutting-edge AI technology and enhance employee support experiences by automating all of your internal employee requests with instant resolution.

    Rezolve.ai combines five types of AI-powered auto resolution skills to auto-resolve employee requirements instantly

    Knowledge Skills
    Rezolve.ai enables MS Teams to automate their user workflows and tasks. With the help of conversational AI – chatbots, Rezolve.ai auto-resolves employees' issues instantly by delivering automated and personalized answers to specific questions with engaging content like videos, animations, documents etc.
    Task Skills
    Rezolve.ai within MS Team will enable you to provide the best employee service automation. It automates issues, queries, requests like reset passwords, unlocks accounts, supports SaaS provisioning, software installation, access management, schedules multi-channel notifications in advance, etc.
    Process Skills
    The conversational –AI chatbots at Rezolve.ai free up HR activities by automating user onboarding, user offboarding, workflow approvals etc.
    Micro-learning Skill
    Rezolve.ai platform empowers users to gain new skills with conversational micro-learning. Employees can leverage ai-suggested learnings any time, based on their needs at ease. They can ask a query and get a response instantly whenever they need it.
    Expert connect Skill
    Employers can connect and communicate with the right experts in real-time or offline to gain assistance.
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