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| Built by [Root](https://therootcompany.com) for [Hub](https://rootprojects.org/hub)
ACME.js is a _low-level_ client for Let's Encrypt.
## Automated Certificate Management Environment
ACME ([RFC 8555](https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc8555)) is the protocol that powers **Let's Encrypt**.
ACME.js is a _low-level_ client that speaks RFC 8555 to get Free SSL certificates through Let's Encrypt.
Looking for an **easy**, _high-level_ client? Check out [Greenlock.js](https://git.rootprojects.org/root/greenlock.js).
# Quick Start
var acme = ACME.create({ maintainerEmail, packageAgent, notify });
await acme.init(directoryUrl);
@ -97,7 +103,7 @@ The public API encapsulates the three high-level steps of the ACME protocol:
- Challenge Presentation
- Certificate Redemption
## Overview
## API Overview
The core API can be show in just four functions:
@ -177,7 +183,7 @@ These `notify` events are intended for _logging_ and debugging, NOT as a data AP
Note: DO NOT rely on **undocumented properties**. They are experimental and **will break**.
If you have a use case for a particular property **open an issue** - we can lock it down and document it.
# Example
# Example (Full Walkthrough)
### See [examples/README.md](https://git.rootprojects.org/root/acme.js/src/branch/master/examples/README.md)