A ruhoh-compatible data mapper for desirae
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A ruhoh-compatible data mapper for desirae

This mapper attempts to map both ruhoh@1.0 (ruhoh-twitter) and ruhoh@2.6 (ruhoh-bootstrap-2) views onto the same object.

As it turns out, there don’t seem to be any conflicts, but if we find out there are, we can separate into two functions.

npm install --save desirae-datamap-ruhoh

bower install --save desirae-datamap-ruhoh


Desirae.registerDataMapper('ruhoh', exports.DesiraeDatamapRuhoh);
Desirae.registerDataMapper('ruhoh@1.0', exports.DesiraeDatamapRuhoh);
Desirae.registerDataMapper('ruhoh@2.6', exports.DesiraeDatamapRuhoh);

io.js / node.js

Desirae.registerDataMapper('ruhoh', require('desirae-datamap-ruhoh').DesiraeDatamapRuhoh);
Desirae.registerDataMapper('ruhoh@1.0', require('desirae-datamap-ruhoh').DesiraeDatamapRuhoh);
Desirae.registerDataMapper('ruhoh@2.6', require('desirae-datamap-ruhoh').DesiraeDatamapRuhoh);