Install gitea with systemd
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Gitea Installer

Installs Gitea as a systemd service

Linux Install Script

You can download and run the installer script:

wget -O install-gitea.bash
bash install-gitea.bash

Or manually install by reading these instructions and following along:

# Create a 'gitea' user and group with the home /opt/gitea, no password (because it's a system user) and no GECOS
sudo adduser gitea --home /opt/gitea --disabled-password --gecos ''

# Make some other potentially useful directories for that user/group
sudo mkdir -p /opt/gitea/ /var/log/gitea
sudo chown -R gitea:gitea /opt/gitea/ /var/log/gitea

# Download and install gitea
sudo wget -O /opt/gitea/gitea
sudo chmod +x /opt/gitea/gitea

# Download and install the gitea.service for systemd
sudo wget -O /etc/systemd/system/gitea.service

# Start gitea
sudo systemctl restart gitea

Gitea Web Setup (post install)

Once you've gitea installed and running you must choose which database to use, certain gitea paths, an admin user, etc.


Troubleshooting systemd

See Troubleshooting systemd