Lightweight, Zero-Dependency RSA and EC/ECDSA crypto for Node.js and Browsers
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set -e
echo ""
echo "Testing PEM-to-JWK P-256"
node bin/eckles.js fixtures/privkey-ec-p256.sec1.pem \
> fixtures/privkey-ec-p256.jwk.2
diff fixtures/privkey-ec-p256.jwk.json fixtures/privkey-ec-p256.jwk.2
node bin/eckles.js fixtures/privkey-ec-p256.pkcs8.pem \
> fixtures/privkey-ec-p256.jwk.2
diff fixtures/privkey-ec-p256.jwk.json fixtures/privkey-ec-p256.jwk.2
node bin/eckles.js fixtures/pub-ec-p256.spki.pem \
> fixtures/pub-ec-p256.jwk.2
diff fixtures/pub-ec-p256.jwk.json fixtures/pub-ec-p256.jwk.2
echo '[SKIP] SSH-to-JWK P-256'
# node bin/eckles.js fixtures/ > fixtures/pub-ec-p256.jwk.2
diff fixtures/pub-ec-p256.jwk.2 fixtures/pub-ec-p256.jwk.2
echo "PASS"
echo ""
echo "Testing PEM-to-JWK P-384"
node bin/eckles.js fixtures/privkey-ec-p384.sec1.pem \
> fixtures/privkey-ec-p384.jwk.2
diff fixtures/privkey-ec-p384.jwk.json fixtures/privkey-ec-p384.jwk.2
node bin/eckles.js fixtures/privkey-ec-p384.pkcs8.pem \
> fixtures/privkey-ec-p384.jwk.2.2
diff fixtures/privkey-ec-p384.jwk.json fixtures/privkey-ec-p384.jwk.2.2
node bin/eckles.js fixtures/pub-ec-p384.spki.pem \
> fixtures/pub-ec-p384.jwk.2
diff fixtures/pub-ec-p384.jwk.json fixtures/pub-ec-p384.jwk.2
echo '[SKIP] SSH-to-JWK P-384'
# node bin/eckles.js fixtures/ fixtures/pub-ec-p384.jwk.2
diff fixtures/pub-ec-p384.jwk.2 fixtures/pub-ec-p384.jwk.2
echo "PASS"
echo ""
echo "Testing JWK-to-PEM P-256"
node bin/eckles.js fixtures/privkey-ec-p256.jwk.json sec1 \
> fixtures/privkey-ec-p256.sec1.pem.2
diff fixtures/privkey-ec-p256.sec1.pem fixtures/privkey-ec-p256.sec1.pem.2
node bin/eckles.js fixtures/privkey-ec-p256.jwk.json pkcs8 \
> fixtures/privkey-ec-p256.pkcs8.pem.2
diff fixtures/privkey-ec-p256.pkcs8.pem fixtures/privkey-ec-p256.pkcs8.pem.2
node bin/eckles.js fixtures/pub-ec-p256.jwk.json spki \
> fixtures/pub-ec-p256.spki.pem.2
diff fixtures/pub-ec-p256.spki.pem fixtures/pub-ec-p256.spki.pem.2
# ssh-keygen -f fixtures/pub-ec-p256.spki.pem -i -mPKCS8 > fixtures/
echo '[SKIP] JWK-to-SSH P-256'
#node bin/eckles.js fixtures/pub-ec-p256.jwk.json ssh > fixtures/
#diff fixtures/ fixtures/
echo "PASS"
echo ""
echo "Testing JWK-to-PEM P-384"
node bin/eckles.js fixtures/privkey-ec-p384.jwk.json sec1 \
> fixtures/privkey-ec-p384.sec1.pem.2
diff fixtures/privkey-ec-p384.sec1.pem fixtures/privkey-ec-p384.sec1.pem.2
node bin/eckles.js fixtures/privkey-ec-p384.jwk.json pkcs8 \
> fixtures/privkey-ec-p384.pkcs8.pem.2
diff fixtures/privkey-ec-p384.pkcs8.pem fixtures/privkey-ec-p384.pkcs8.pem.2
node bin/eckles.js fixtures/pub-ec-p384.jwk.json spki \
> fixtures/pub-ec-p384.spki.pem.2
diff fixtures/pub-ec-p384.spki.pem fixtures/pub-ec-p384.spki.pem.2
# ssh-keygen -f fixtures/pub-ec-p384.spki.pem -i -mPKCS8 > fixtures/
echo '[SKIP] JWK-to-SSH P-384'
#node bin/eckles.js fixtures/pub-ec-p384.jwk.json ssh > fixtures/
#diff fixtures/ fixtures/
echo "PASS"
rm fixtures/*.2
mkdir -p tmp
echo ""
echo "Testing freshly generated keypair"
# Generate EC P-256 Keypair
openssl ecparam -genkey -name prime256v1 -noout -out ./tmp/privkey-ec-p256.sec1.pem
# Export Public-only EC Key (as SPKI)
openssl ec -in ./tmp/privkey-ec-p256.sec1.pem -pubout -out ./tmp/pub-ec-p256.spki.pem
# Convert SEC1 (traditional) EC Keypair to PKCS8 format
openssl pkcs8 -topk8 -nocrypt -in ./tmp/privkey-ec-p256.sec1.pem -out ./tmp/privkey-ec-p256.pkcs8.pem
# Convert EC public key to SSH format
sshpub=$(ssh-keygen -f ./tmp/pub-ec-p256.spki.pem -i -mPKCS8)
echo "$sshpub P-256@localhost" > ./tmp/
node bin/eckles.js ./tmp/privkey-ec-p256.sec1.pem > ./tmp/privkey-ec-p256.jwk.json
node bin/eckles.js ./tmp/privkey-ec-p256.jwk.json sec1 > ./tmp/privkey-ec-p256.sec1.pem.2
diff ./tmp/privkey-ec-p256.sec1.pem ./tmp/privkey-ec-p256.sec1.pem.2
node bin/eckles.js ./tmp/privkey-ec-p256.pkcs8.pem > ./tmp/privkey-ec-p256.jwk.json
node bin/eckles.js ./tmp/privkey-ec-p256.jwk.json pkcs8 > ./tmp/privkey-ec-p256.pkcs8.pem.2
diff ./tmp/privkey-ec-p256.pkcs8.pem ./tmp/privkey-ec-p256.pkcs8.pem.2
node bin/eckles.js ./tmp/pub-ec-p256.spki.pem > ./tmp/pub-ec-p256.jwk.json
node bin/eckles.js ./tmp/pub-ec-p256.jwk.json spki > ./tmp/pub-ec-p256.spki.pem.2
diff ./tmp/pub-ec-p256.spki.pem ./tmp/pub-ec-p256.spki.pem.2
echo '[SKIP] Gen SSH and Convert'
#node bin/eckles.js ./tmp/ > ./tmp/pub-ec-p256.jwk.json
#node bin/eckles.js ./tmp/pub-ec-p256.jwk.json ssh > ./tmp/
#diff ./tmp/ ./tmp/
echo "PASS"
echo ""
echo "Testing key generation"
node bin/eckles.js jwk > /dev/null
node bin/eckles.js jwk P-384 > /dev/null
node bin/eckles.js sec1 > /dev/null
node bin/eckles.js pkcs8 > /dev/null
echo '[SKIP] Gen SSH'
#node bin/eckles.js ssh #> /dev/null
echo "PASS"
echo ""
echo "Testing Thumbprints"
node bin/eckles.js ./fixtures/privkey-ec-p256.sec1.pem thumbprint
node bin/eckles.js ./fixtures/pub-ec-p256.jwk.json thumbprint
echo "PASS"
rm ./tmp/*.*
echo ""
echo ""
echo "PASSED:"
echo "• All inputs produced valid outputs"
echo "• All outputs matched known-good values"
echo "• Generated keys in each format (sec1, pkcs8, jwk, [SKIP] ssh)"
echo ""