rsync with -Kr instead of -a to not break symlinks in /usr/local

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AJ ONeal 2018-07-26 21:41:42 +00:00
parent 4ea01c4c42
commit 515bdce8c2
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@ -72,8 +72,8 @@ if [ -n "${NODEJS_VER}" ]; then
rm -rf ${NODEJS_UNTAR}/${NODEJS_NAME}-${NODEJS_VER}-linux-${ARCH} # clean up the temporary unzip folder
if [ -n "$(command -v rsync 2>/dev/null | grep rsync)" ]; then
echo $sudo_cmd rsync -a "${NODEJS_UNTAR}/" "$node_install_path/"
rsync -a "${NODEJS_UNTAR}/" "$node_install_path/" || $sudo_cmd rsync -a "${NODEJS_UNTAR}/" "$node_install_path/"
echo $sudo_cmd rsync -Kr "${NODEJS_UNTAR}/" "$node_install_path/"
rsync -Kr "${NODEJS_UNTAR}/" "$node_install_path/" || $sudo_cmd rsync -Kr "${NODEJS_UNTAR}/" "$node_install_path/"
echo $sudo_cmd cp -a "${NODEJS_UNTAR}/*" "$node_install_path/"
cp -a "${NODEJS_UNTAR}"/* "$node_install_path/" || $sudo_cmd cp -a "${NODEJS_UNTAR}"/* "$node_install_path/"