AJ ONeal coolaj86

Push-button DIY tunnel service. Run on your Raspberry Pi or VPS to create your own secure tunnel to access your devices from anywhere or simply to expose your localhost development to the outside world.

Updated 1 year ago

Break out of localhost. Access your devices from behind firewalls. Securely access your services from anywhere. An easy-to-use secure tunnel for all sorts of wonderful things (kind of like a poor man's VPN).

Updated 9 months ago

A terminal input framework for node.js JavaScript

Updated 10 months ago

An insanely minimal ASN.1 builder for X.509 common schemas, specifically SEC1/X9.62 PKCS#8, SPKI/PKIX, PKCS#1 and CSR.

Updated 1 year ago

Base64, TypedArrays, and UTF-8 / Unicode conversions in ES5.1 JavaScript (Browser and Node.js)

Updated 7 months ago

A lightweight IOT application server with a hard shell written for node.js

Updated 2 years ago

Prototype OAuth3 Web App

Updated 1 year ago

Something about timezones and JavaScript

Updated 11 months ago

VanillaJS, Lightweight, Zero-Dependency, x509 encoder and decoder for Private / Public Keypairs and CSRs.

Updated 7 months ago