AJ ONeal coolaj86

🔐 Free SSL, Free Wildcard SSL, and Fully Automated HTTPS for node.js, issued by Let's Encrypt v2 via ACME

Updated 4 days ago

Lightweight library for getting Free SSL certifications through Let's Encrypt, using the ACME protocol

Updated 4 days ago

🔐 Free SSL and Automatic HTTPS (ACME / Let's Encrypt v2 client) for node.js with Express, koa, hapi, rill, etc

Updated 2 weeks ago

Break out of localhost. Access your devices from behind firewalls. Securely access your services from anywhere. An easy-to-use secure tunnel for all sorts of wonderful things (kind of like a poor man's VPN).

Updated 3 weeks ago

A lightweight DNS daemon (nameserver) in node.js.

Updated 3 months ago

Let's Encrypt v2 (ACME draft 11) client for your browser. Companion to greenlock.js

Updated 1 week ago

Install gitea with systemd

Updated 10 months ago

JavaScript RSA utils that work on Windows, Mac, and Linux with or without C compiler

Updated 2 weeks ago

The "certbot" storage strategy for Greenlock.js

Updated 2 months ago

Create and capture DNS and mDNS query and response packets to disk as binary and/or JSON. Options are similar to the Unix dig command.

Updated 1 year ago

Fast, lightweight, easy-to-extend, easy-to-test, pure JavaScript (ES5.1) implementation for DNS / mDNS.

Updated 1 year ago

A script to install basic development tools for node (git, node, gcc, pkg-config, etc)

Updated 2 months ago

🔐 Free SSL, Free Wildcard SSL, and Automatic HTTPS for web servers and proxies - Apache, Nginx, HAProxy, etc.

Updated 1 month ago

Free SSL and Automatic HTTPS for node.js with KOA and other middleware systems via ACME (Let's Encrypt)

Updated 5 months ago

A commandline Authenticator App (for Authy, Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, TOTP, etc)

Updated 1 year ago