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Lightweight library for getting Free SSL certifications through Let's Encrypt, using the ACME protocol

Updated 8 months ago

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🔐 Free SSL, Free Wildcard SSL, and Fully Automated HTTPS for node.js, issued by Let's Encrypt v2 via ACME

Updated 1 week ago

JavaScript 15 9

Break out of localhost. Access your devices from behind firewalls. Securely access your services from anywhere. An easy-to-use secure tunnel for all sorts of wonderful things (kind of like a poor man's VPN).

Updated 1 year ago

JavaScript 1 3

A lightweight DNS daemon (nameserver) in node.js.

Updated 2 years ago

Install gitea with systemd

Updated 2 years ago

JavaScript 3 3

The module you need to solve node's SSL woes when including a custom certificate.

Updated 2 years ago

JavaScript 4 3

Push-button DIY tunnel service. Run on your Raspberry Pi or VPS to create your own secure tunnel to access your devices from anywhere or simply to expose your localhost development to the outside world.

Updated 1 year ago

JavaScript 5 3

Let's Encrypt v2 (ACME draft 11) client for your browser. Companion to greenlock.js

Updated 1 year ago

Updated 2 years ago

A script to install basic development tools for node (git, node, gcc, pkg-config, etc)

Updated 11 months ago

Two- / Multi- Factor Authenication (2FA / MFA / OTP) for browser JavaScript

Updated 3 years ago

Two- / Multi- Factor Authenication (2FA / MFA / OTP) for node.js

Updated 2 years ago

JavaScript 1 2

A node port of python's os.walk

Updated 4 months ago

JavaScript 1 2

atob for Node.JS and Linux / Mac / Windows CLI (it's a one-liner)

Updated 2 years ago

JavaScript 0 1

Create and capture DNS and mDNS query and response packets to disk as binary and/or JSON. Options are similar to the Unix dig command.

Updated 3 years ago