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Use git tags to add (GoReleaser-compatible) semver to your Go package.

Updated 6 days ago

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🔐 Free SSL, Free Wildcard SSL, and Fully Automated HTTPS for node.js, issued by Let's Encrypt v2 via ACME

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Updated 2 weeks ago

GoDaddy + Let's Encrypt for Node.js - ACME dns-01 challenges w/ ACME.js and Greenlock.js

Updated 2 weeks ago

Manage PATH on Windows, Mac, and Linux with various Shells

Updated 1 month ago

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A simple, lightweight s3 client. Only 2 dependencies total.

Updated 2 months ago

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A lightweight, zero-dependency drop-in replacement for request.js

Updated 3 months ago

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A node port of python's os.walk

Updated 4 months ago

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Updated 4 months ago

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A blog platform written in JavaScript for developers, but with normal people in mind.

Updated 5 months ago

Instructions and scripts for bootstrapping GameCube homebrew

Updated 5 months ago

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A DIY blog platform for wizards and muggles.

Updated 5 months ago

OAuth2 / JWT / OpenID Connect for mocking auth... which isn't that different from doing it for real, actually.

Updated 5 months ago

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Boilerplate for how I like to write a backend web service.

Updated 6 months ago

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Lightweight, Zero-Dependency RSA and EC/ECDSA crypto for Node.js and Browsers

Updated 8 months ago