Little ditties. The usual suspects.
Updated 2021-11-26 18:56:48 +00:00
A lightweight DNS daemon (nameserver) in node.js.
Updated 2019-03-05 23:43:14 +00:00
A script to install basic development tools for node (git, node, gcc, pkg-config, etc)
Updated 2022-08-19 19:05:48 +00:00
Install gitea with systemd
Updated 2018-08-20 15:24:38 +00:00
A lightweight IOT application server with a hard shell written for node.js
Updated 2018-05-17 10:11:02 +00:00
A standard for webservers that's just right.
Updated 2018-07-27 06:54:36 +00:00
Break out of localhost. Access your devices from behind firewalls. Securely access your services from anywhere. An easy-to-use secure tunnel for all sorts of wonderful things (kind of like a poor man's VPN).
Updated 2019-08-11 02:17:21 +00:00
💯 ECDSA tools. Key Generation. PEM-to-JWK. JWK-to-PEM. Lightweight. Zero Dependencies. Universal compatibility.
Updated 2019-05-14 10:19:00 +00:00
Interchangeably use RSA & ECDSA with PEM and JWK for Signing, Verifying, CSR generation and JOSE. For Browsers. Ugh... that was a mouthful. :)
Updated 2019-05-11 04:50:52 +00:00