Orange Pi Docs
Updated 2018-05-10 23:01:57 +00:00
JavaScript RSA utils that work on Windows, Mac, and Linux with or without C compiler
Updated 2019-06-03 09:27:55 +00:00
A node port of python's os.walk
Updated 2021-09-24 20:01:02 +00:00
atob for Node.JS and Linux / Mac / Windows CLI (it's a one-liner)
Updated 2018-08-18 10:18:57 +00:00
btoa for Node.JS (it's a one-liner)
Updated 2018-03-28 04:54:03 +00:00
W3C DOM Storage (localStorage and sessionStorage) for node.js
Updated 2018-03-28 05:16:07 +00:00
forEachAsync - browser and node ready
Updated 2019-04-05 18:54:34 +00:00
Tools for manipulating semver strings and objects
Updated 2018-10-09 04:14:30 +00:00
I went to install Wallabag and was annoyed with clunky install instructions on two seperate pages. I wrote a script to automate that process.
Updated 2018-05-10 23:38:04 +00:00
Porting Google's S2 Geometry Library to Javascript
Updated 2018-04-10 15:57:15 +00:00
An auto-sni strategy for registering and renewing letsencrypt / ACME certificates using SNICallback.
Updated 2019-04-15 17:37:56 +00:00
Read basic info (subject, altnames, expiresAt, issuedAt) from a cert.pem / x509 certificate (tls / ssl / https)
Updated 2019-03-02 20:41:23 +00:00
A wrapper to enable the use of any in-process store with node cluster via cluster process and worker messages (i.e. for Raspberry Pi servers).
Updated 2018-04-21 00:53:02 +00:00
A simple way to wrap a single-instance module to enable it to work with node cluster.
Updated 2018-04-21 01:14:26 +00:00
Generate a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) for a Free SSL Certificate in your browser! Uses as few dependencies as possible from the PKI.js and ASN1.js suites.
Updated 2018-05-04 10:45:22 +00:00
A strategy for packing and unpacking a proxy stream (i.e. packets through a tunnel). Handles multiplexed and tls connections. Used by telebit and telebit-relay.
Updated 2019-09-21 22:43:15 +00:00
The specification, template, and tests for creating an le-store- strategy for Let's Encrypt v2 / ACME using greenlock.js.
Updated 2019-05-16 07:49:06 +00:00
A cli-based strategy for Let's Encrypt v2 with greenlock.js. Prints the ACME challenge token and key and then waits for you to hit enter before continuing.
Updated 2019-04-07 23:46:06 +00:00
ACME dns-01 challenge reference implementation for Greenlock v2.7+ (and v3).
Updated 2019-06-13 05:53:46 +00:00
A lightweight IOT application server with a hard shell written for node.js
Updated 2018-05-02 18:17:30 +00:00