Determined Server Setup
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determined-server-setup (dss)

determined-server-setup is a script that installs needed utilities/software on servers so you don’t need to.



You can install it by running:

curl -s "" | bash


This script is in the ALPHA stage. Use at your own risk.

dss --init # Update your server and install server utilities, setup automatic updates and harden SSH.
dss --clean  # Update the server and cleanup unneeded files and programs. Use with caution.
dss --log # Print the system log.`
dss --authlog 1 # Print the SSH authentication log. Use 'dss authlog attacks' to show attacks on your SSH server.
dss --user USERNAME init   # Setup server with server utilities and enable automatic security updates.

You can run: dss help for a list of all commands.

Automatic Updates

When prompted to setup automatic updates, hit “yes” and when prompted with a text box, replace all references to “Debian” with the name of your distro. If you’re running Ubuntu, you should replace all references of Debian with Ubuntu.