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GameCube Homebrew for n00bs

Instructions and scripts for bootstrapping GameCube homebrew

See GameCube Homebrew for n00bs - Ultimate Guide

SD Homebrew Media Creator

This script will:

  1. Create a ~/Downloads/GC_HMBRW folder with everything you need
  2. Prompt for an SD device to format (and then format it)
  3. Copy ~/Downloads/GC_HMBRW to the SD card
curl -o
bash ./

Homebrew Cheatsheet


Homebrew Version Homepage zip tar 7z
Swiss v0.5 r927 zip tar.xz 7z
GBI / Game Boy Interface - GC Forever Wiki: Game Boy Interface zip - -
GCMM / GameCube Memory Manager 1.4f zip - -
WWHack / Wind Waker Gamesave Hack v1.1.1 zip - -
Other Gamesave Hacks - GC - - -

Convert 7z / rar to zip:

Special Files:

name desc
autoexec.dol run by Datel SD Media Launcher Action Replay on disc load
boot.dol run by Swiss on load
xxxx.cli text file with list of arguments Swiss should use when loading xxxx.dol
boot.gci whatever WWHack should boot