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acme-dns-01-godaddy | a Root project

Godaddy DNS + Let's Encrypt for Node.js

This handles ACME dns-01 challenges, compatible with ACME.js and Greenlock.js. Passes acme-dns-01-test.


npm install --save acme-dns-01-godaddy@3.x


First you create an instance with your API token:

var dns01 = require('acme-dns-01-godaddy').create({
	baseUrl: '', // default
	key: 'xxxx',
	secret: 'xxxx'

Then you can use it with any compatible ACME module, such as Greenlock.js or ACME.js.


var Greenlock = require('greenlock-express');
var greenlock = Greenlock.create({
	challenges: {
		'dns-01': dns01
		// ...

See Greenlock™ Express and/or Greenlock.js documentation for more details.



See the ACME.js for more details.

Build your own

		identifier: { value: '' },
		wildcard: false,
		dnsHost: '',
		dnsAuthorization: 'xxx_secret_xxx'
	.then(function() {
		console.log('TXT record set');
	.catch(function() {
		console.log('Failed to set TXT record');

See acme-dns-01-test for more implementation details.


# node ./test.js domain-zone api-key api-secret
node ./test.js xxxxxx xxxxxx