81 Commits (master)

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  AJ ONeal e17d86880f v1.8.5: change package.main to due to Win 10 cmd PATHEXT 1 week ago
  AJ ONeal 15583d961e v1.8.4: add support banner 2 weeks ago
  AJ ONeal eed2e10472 fix incorrect error message 1 month ago
  AJ ONeal a060ecd130 support init(deps) 3 months ago
  AJ ONeal 20f006b1a0 add type, for greenlock 3 months ago
  AJ ONeal fced146928 v1.8: transitional support for v2.0 3 months ago
  AJ ONeal f2b6772f5c add .prettierrc, and make prettier 3 months ago
  AJ ONeal 466de61232 update comment 5 months ago
  AJ ONeal 0b8aec0f8c v1.7.7: revert v1.7.6 5 months ago
  AJ ONeal 48c6f842b4 v1.7.6: add http-01 url to challenge 5 months ago
  AJ ONeal de9afbbab9 v1.7.5: bugfix unchecked property thanks to #19 5 months ago
  AJ ONeal d41e7e5650 v2.7.3: make dry-run properly shows wildcards 5 months ago
  AJ ONeal 6cd4bd1587 v1.7.3: don't wait so longer on dns test 5 months ago
  AJ ONeal a7ea231c2e v1.7.2: don't set challenge twice 5 months ago
  AJ ONeal e5e7377712 v1.7.1: don't self-poison dns cache, more consistency 5 months ago
  AJ ONeal b1182457cd v1.7.0: better error checking and challenge type handling 5 months ago
  AJ ONeal 21e2afdd7e v1.6.0: switch to latest rsa-compat 5 months ago
  AJ ONeal 621e04ffe6 v1.5.3: merge fix for #11 6 months ago
  AJ ONeal f0f9feb519 #11 skip challenge when valid 7 months ago
  AJ ONeal 1af2fb2958 v1.5.2: fix dns-01 wildcard bug 7 months ago
  AJ ONeal b41c2e8db9 v1.5.1: more detailed error messages 9 months ago
  AJ ONeal 83137766bc v1.5.0: perform full test challenge first 9 months ago
  AJ ONeal 642a25935e v1.3.1: reduce deps, update rsa-compat, fix rando JWK bug 9 months ago
  AJ ONeal 87e49578f7 note need to limit download size 10 months ago
  AJ ONeal ca15b8faf0 v1.2.1: made magic numbers (for status polling) configurable, updated deps 1 year ago
  AJ ONeal 098e05f3ef v1.2.0: Fix #8 Production API changed to be in-spec 1 year ago
  AJ ONeal 7364fdd6f5 Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.coolaj86.com:22042/coolaj86/acme-v2.js 1 year ago
  AJ ONeal b99c6e4b4e add comment on privkey and other useful pem data 1 year ago
  AJ ONeal 7776113210 Add '.jshintrc' 1 year ago
  AJ ONeal 65ff626716 Delete '.jshintrc' 1 year ago
  AJ ONeal 91f90d5689 simplify keywords, add draft-12 1 year ago
  AJ ONeal 125d31b2c4 * the other callback 1 year ago
  AJ ONeal 97e39aaeb0 add .gitignore 1 year ago
  AJ ONeal 63284386eb update compat to allow testing dns 1 year ago
  AJ ONeal a67256e8a9 add .jshintrc 1 year ago
  AJ ONeal bbeea080f6 update line endings (and add brackets to logs...) 1 year ago
  AJ ONeal 700f400df6 v1.1.0 1 year ago
  AJ ONeal 1dd07715db request => @coolaj86/urequest 1 year ago
  John Shaver 08088acd1f 1.0.9 1 year ago
  jshaver b3e1409394 Merge branch 'master' of jshaver/acme-v2.js into master 1 year ago
  John Shaver 08aa9bcdeb Fixed error handling for non promise setChallenge. 1 year ago
  AJ ONeal 80b54a5a87 v1.0.8 1 year ago
  AJ ONeal e909c0fff0 update LICENSE 1 year ago
  AJ ONeal 89487c2030 v1.0.7 1 year ago
  AJ ONeal 5037ad6b0b improve error message as per https://git.coolaj86.com/coolaj86/greenlock.js/issues/12 1 year ago
  AJ ONeal ba71e12ff2 v1.0.6 1 year ago
  AJ ONeal 3e23ea5f8d better error handling 1 year ago
  AJ ONeal bfc50ac9d2 better error handling 1 year ago
  AJ ONeal 2f0bf17b39 remove TODO section (now in issues) 1 year ago
  AJ ONeal 26e702952e update changelog 1 year ago