WIP ppl-os building tools
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Files required to build the ubuntu core based pplOS


Everything subject to change, including number of bugs (hopefully to zero ;)


System Requirements

To build an image you need to have at least Ubuntu 16.04 on your machine and the following packages installed: ubuntu-image snapd nodejs

Additionally at least 1 GB of free disk space is required

For virtual device testing you also need qemu-kvm

Additionally some npm packages are required, run npm i to install them

Other Requirements

Creating the image

First run make once, it will guide you through the inital configuration

To build a board's model file run make BOARD.model

To build an image for a specific board run make BOARD.img

Running the virtual device

Use make start to build the amd64.img and launch it with kvm

If you used the defaults in the configuration step you should now be able to connect with make ssh

Could not access KVM kernel module: Permission denied

Is your user in the kvm group? Try sudo addgroup $(whoami) kvm and reboot.